NordicMan Philosophy

True to Scandinavia’s strong heritage and affinity to high-end design, NordicMan has developed the most effective solution for both hold and nourishment, by the integrity and purity of the natural ingredients used.

Our HairWax is made in Denmark, and of course is cruelty-free.

NordicMan HairWax has been tested by family & friends, professional hairdressers and it has also been tested by dermatologists. 💪

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NordicMan Ingredients

This kaolin clay-based formula, studied by the best Danish chemists, uses the natural vegetable alternative to silicone of Ethylhexyl Olivate and Hydrogenated Olive Oil.

This gives a dry feel and light shine effect, making the hair healthier, as well as looking good.

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NordicMan’s high quality ingredients.

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